"Food Safety" has many different meanings these days. The classic term "Quality Control" is no longer adequate to describe the many challenges that face a meat processing company in North America.

Travis Meats, Inc. strives daily to be an industry model for food safety. Guaranteeing high quality, wholesome food necessitates managing two different programs, "Product Quality Assurance" and "Food Defense".

Below you will see a general overview of each program's components.

Product Quality Assurance:

  • Strict Vendor certification guidelines
  • HAACP program that annually earns an "excellent" status by third party audits
  • In house microbiological labs evaluating all incoming raw materials, outgoing finished goods and sanitation program effectiveness
  • Near Infrared fat analysis, the most current state of the art technology
  • Quality attribute program for all items manufactured: weight, shape, color, flavor, cook yields, cook times, etc.

The program above is designed to eliminate any unintentional contamination of product. The "Homeland Security" Department was formed as a result of this nations 9/11 tragedy. A key area to assure security is in our food supply. We are committed to prevent any intentional contamination to our product.

Food Defense Program:

  • Secured facility at all points of entry
  • 24/7 Surveillance of all grounds which are monitored and recorded
  • Emergency lighting and security systems to alert any forcible entry
  • Personnel Security training

Travis Meats, Inc. Food Safety program had earned high marks from our customers, our vendors and our annual independent third party audits for many years. We remain committed to providing delicious, safe wholesome products.

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